Mango health Benefits

Health Benefits of Mangoes :

  1. Cancer Prevention: 

One of the best-known health benefits of mangoes is their ability to fight cancer. Mangoes contain an anti-cancer compound called mangiferin. Studies have found that mangiferin helps reduce inflammation and benefits the immune system. also, mango extracts also help to inhibit the spread of cancer cells in the human body and even reduce the size of cancer tumors. 

2. Good for Diabetics: 

Mangoes have a low glycemic index (around 50), which means that they release sugar into the blood slowly. This prevents sudden spikes in the blood glucose levels, which helps diabetics. 

3. Great for Digestion: 

Mangoes are rich in amylases, which help in the breakdown of large food molecules, thus improving their absorption in the body. 

4. Immunity Booster: 

Mangoes are rich in vitamin A which helps our body to fight various infections. 

5. Fights Bad Cholesterol & Heart diseases: 

Mangoes are known to lower the level of cholesterol (LDL-Low Density Lipoprotein) in the body due to the high amount of fiber and vitamin C. They are rich in pectin, a fiber that lowers serum LDL cholesterol 

6. Good for our Eyes: 

The antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin found in mangoes are known to prevent macular degeneration of the eyes. They also act as a natural sunscreen for the eyes, preventing harmful blue light from entering our eyes. 

7. Good for our Skin & Hair: 

Moderate consumption of mangoes is the key to glowing skin and supple hair. Vitamin C in mango helps fight acne and clear clogged pores. Mango also protects our skin from damage caused by harmful ultraviolet rays, thus acting as a natural sunscreen. 

8. Promotes Weight Loss: 

Mango helps with weight loss!Moderate consumption of mangoes is known to reduce body fat and blood sugar levels. But we shouldn’t get carried away because too many of them will make us gain weight. 

Do you Know?

How to consume mangoes? 

  • Mangoes can be consumed in any form of your choice, but it is best to soak mangoes in water (at least for an hour) before consumption.  
  • Soaking increases the absorption of healthy vitamins and minerals present in mangoes. 
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